Cosmetic acupuncture salon SAKURA | Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan /Japanese acupuncture/facelift/neck and shoulder stiffness/back pain/fatigue/wrinkles/sagging/dullness/swelling/anti-aging/skin- beautifying effects/stress-induced/psychosomatic disorders/cold/headache/menstrual pain/menstrual irregularities/insomnia.

You can leave the salon with shiny skin and relaxed mind! A two minute walk from Myougadani station, this cozy Japanese style salon will be your favorite hiding place. Reservations required.
Cosmetic Acupuncture SAKURA/Tokyo/Japanese acupuncture/facelift/neck and shoulder stiffness/back pain/fatigue/wrinkles/sagging/dullness/swelling/anti-aging/skin- beautifying effects/stress-induced/psychosomatic disorders/cold/headache/menstrual pain/menstrual irregularities/insomnia.

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"I think my skin is aging."

"My makeup doesn't stay on."
"I want to look nice even without makeup"

Do you have these kinds of problems?

At our cosmetic acupuncture salon Sakura, Nobuko Seo, an acupuncturist who has turned 1000 clients to bare skin beauties in 3 years, will make your skin glowing and smooth with her skilled "painless cosmetic acupuncture". She'll help you with your face lift ups, swelling face, improving the tone of your skin and revitalizing your skin.

You can enjoy premium cosmetic acupuncture in our private rooms, which are like luxury hotel room with beautiful seasonal flowers. You can relax without being bothered by anyone because this is completely private salon. 

Gain total relief from the stress and tiredness of your routine life.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

What's Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture has immediate effects, because it works on your facial muscle and lymph nodes directly, unlike cosmetics and aesthetic treatment, which just work superficially on your skin. "Instant killing" of swelling faces, she fix it in the blink of an eye. In addition, cosmetic acupuncture brings back the natural power of the skin, so it makes continuing effects of having more moisture on your skin. On top of that, it is not just a treatment of your skin, but is effective for improving the balance of your whole body, such as treating stiff shoulders, swelling feet and even your digestive system, .

In other words, we can increase the natural healing powers of your body by treating your face with acupuncture. 

For these reasons, Hollywood celebrities were the first to discover cosmetic acupuncture. It has been a very popular beauty treatment among celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie for some time, and more recently it has been getting very popular among Japanese models.  

That is why Acupuncture, which tunes your body, heals your mind and keeps your soul in harmony, is called "Holistic Beauty Treatment."

The benefits of cosmetic acupuncture.

■Solves skin problems
This beauty treatment has various effects; making your face smaller, removing swelling on your face, lifting up your skin, reducing wrinkles and smile lines, reducing dark circles under your eyes, brightening up your skin, making your eyes look brighter, moisturizing your skin, curing pimples, toning and lifting up your cheek lines, lifting up the corner of your mouth, toning your face line, and so on…

■The treatment keeps your body tuned
The treatment has effects not only on your face, but your whole body. It will tune your body and help with conditions such as stiff shoulders and neck, resolve eyestrain, ease swelling on legs, tune digestive system, fix bad circulation, insomnia and strengthen your immune system. You can avoid getting cold.

■The treatment works on your mind
Also, you can't miss the benefits for your mental condition. Cosmetic acupuncture treatment promises benefits like removing frustration and depression, making you think positively, raising self-affirmation, and allowing you to sleep well while your problems on your skin and body are solved.


What's "Reiki"?

From ancient times, people have realized that there is a magical power springs from their palms.
When people have a headache or stomach ache, they put their hands on the affected parts. This is done unconsciously, by instinct.

Mikao Usui (1865~1926) took notice of this effect of palm healing power, and established "Reiki", "Usui Reiki Therapy" in the Taisho era. Following this, Hawayo Takata, a second generation Japanese American who lived in Hawaii taught the technique to her disciples in the 1970's. They subsequently propagated this vigorously in the US, and that was the trigger for the spread of the Reiki method.

 Since then, the Reiki therapy method has spread in America, Germany, UK and other countries in Europe, and also in Australia, Brazil, and India. The Reiki Population worldwide has increased to 8,000,000., and it is still increasing. 

In the US and Europe, Reiki has been acknowledged as alternative medicine, and some hospitals and other medical facilities have introduced the treatment, put it to practical use and conducted further research. Moreover, in resorts in Hawaii and Thailand, you can find some hotels and spas that have Reiki on their healing menus.  

Meanwhile in Japan, where Reiki originated, Reiki was reimported from the US, and really started to grow in the 1990's

The benefits of Reiki.

■Reiki heals your mind
Reiki is effective for stress management in modern society. You will be less likely to get stressed. Your anxiety and fear will disappear. Your frustration will disappear and you will be comforted. You will recover your peace of mind. You will be revitalized. You will deepen your self-awareness. You will learn to accept and cherish yourself. You will have more self- confidence and be more positive.

■Your life will be fulfilled
Your natural healing power will be enhanced, and that will assist in promoting health. It helps emotional independence and improves your concentration. It fosters intuitive judgement. It improves your imagination, understanding, and sensitivity. It broadens your view, and changes the way you deal with life. It deepens your understanding and love for others. It has a positive influence on your relationships.

■Your potential will bloom
It is useful not only physically but helps to maintain emotional and mental harmony, healing trauma and mental problems, cleansing and releasing your karma. Both the right and left sides of the brain will be activated with good balance. Your emotions and five senses will feel sharper and your sensibility will be refined, and your inspiration and intuition will get clearer. You will be sensitive to energy. You will achieve synchronicity and realize the future that you wish. You will be together with consciousness of higher dimension, and you will find the guidance from your higher self to guide and shine your soul.

Menu & Price

Sakura offers two types of treatment.

■Basic course(acupuncture[body & face] )75min ¥26,000
Skin conditioning using techniques of acupuncture, moxibustion and Reiki heeling. Getting acupuncture on your head, neck and hands and feet, as well as your face, you can improve your energy flow and lymph node flow.

■Special course(acupuncture[body & face] + massage) 100min ¥33,000
We condition your skin using acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and Reiki heeling techniques. After inserting acupuncture needles across your whole body, head acupuncture is performed if it is required. Moxibustion's very mild fire will start to warm your body slowly. This treatment gives a cleansing effect from burning Moxa as well as an indescribably comfortable feeling. We also use Sen-nen- kyu, moxibustion on the soles of your feet to solve poor circulation.



Kohinata Sunny Heights 704
4-5-10  Kohinata
Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
112-0006 Japan

Directions from Myogadani Station with photos.

Opening hours

Wed.〜Fri. : 10:00〜17:00


Reservations required.

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Profile of the director

Nobuko Seo became a firefighter after graduating the university, and left her job after having her second child. She become aware of the attraction of "acupuncture for children"(a traditional Japanese  non-needle technique developed for treating infants and children.), which cured her son's asthma, and she enrolled herself in ToyoShinkyu College of Oriental Medicine (Oriental acupuncture school) where She learned about cosmetic acupuncture. 
Cosmetic acupuncture has not only superficial effects like face sculpting, making your skin smoother and more resilient and making your eyes look bigger, but also adjust your mental conditions, like clearing up your mind and making you think positively, removing frustration.

After finishing the course, she studied under Tomoko Okuzumi, who is a full time instructor of  Toyo Acupuncture College of Oriental Medicine. Professor Okuzumi had experience with cosmetic acupuncture for more than 10 years. Also, she had a lot of clients who were professional models and actress. Meanwhile She treated more than 500 people at a clinic in Marunouchi and so on. She received the support of the clients like celebrities, female office workers, business men and lawyers in Marunouchi.  
7 years ago, She started to learn about Reiki Heeling, a type of Qigong, after being introduced to this by her teacher. Now it has become one of the essential methods of her treatment, and she still improves her knowledge about Reiki Heeling..