Let’s enjoy Myogadani ! ~Koishikawa Botanical Garden

You can leave the salon with shiny skin and relaxed mind! A two minute walk from Myougadani station, this cozy Japanese style salon will be your favorite hiding place. Reservations required.
Cosmetic Acupuncture SAKURA/Tokyo/Japanese acupuncture/facelift/neck and shoulder stiffness/back pain/fatigue/wrinkles/sagging/dullness/swelling/anti-aging/skin- beautifying effects/stress-induced/psychosomatic disorders/cold/headache/menstrual pain/menstrual irregularities/insomnia.

Let’s enjoy Myogadani ! ~Koishikawa Botanical Garden


There is the Koishikawa Botanical Garden near  SAKURA.


Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo have two Botanical Gardens, the main garden in Tokyo (Koishikawa BG) and the satellite garden in Nikko, Tochigi Pref. (Nikkok BG), of which purpose is to contribute to research and education in plant sciences. The Botanical Gardens are open to the public.

The Botanical Gardens are not only the oldest in Japan, but also have a prominent and long history by world wide standards. The Botanical Gardens originated as the Koishikawa Medicinal Herb Garden, which was established in 1684 by the Tokugawa Shogunate. There are many historic plants and ruins that indicate the long history of the Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens were the birthplace of modern scientific research in botany in Japan after the Meiji Restoration.






Reservations required.

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