Summer Holiday 【12th~16th Aug.】

You can leave the salon with shiny skin and relaxed mind! A two minute walk from Myougadani station, this cozy Japanese style salon will be your favorite hiding place. Reservations required.
Cosmetic Acupuncture SAKURA/Tokyo/Japanese acupuncture/facelift/neck and shoulder stiffness/back pain/fatigue/wrinkles/sagging/dullness/swelling/anti-aging/skin- beautifying effects/stress-induced/psychosomatic disorders/cold/headache/menstrual pain/menstrual irregularities/insomnia.

Summer Holiday 【12th~16th Aug.】


I will take holidays for the Obon-festival from 12th August to 16th August.

I appreciate your kind cooperation.




Reservations required.

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