Directions from Myogadani Station with photos.

You can leave the salon with shiny skin and relaxed mind! A two minute walk from Myougadani station, this cozy Japanese style salon will be your favorite hiding place. Reservations required.
Cosmetic Acupuncture SAKURA/Tokyo/Japanese acupuncture/facelift/neck and shoulder stiffness/back pain/fatigue/wrinkles/sagging/dullness/swelling/anti-aging/skin- beautifying effects/stress-induced/psychosomatic disorders/cold/headache/menstrual pain/menstrual irregularities/insomnia.

Directions from Myogadani Station with photos.


Turn right after exiting the “Kasuga-Dori area ticket gates” of the Myogadani Station.

Right in front of exit 1, you will see the Resona Bank and McDonald’s. Proceed towards Korakuen without crossing at the signal.

With the stationery store on your right, pass in front of Saizeria, Nakau, and Matsuya.

It is the 7th floor of the building that Family Mart is in.

There is an entrance on the left side of Family Mart.

It is the Kohinata Sunny Heights entrance.

There is a call phone button in the middle of the post bod. Press 704 and press the “Call” button on the left.

The glass door on the right will open, so please come to the 7th floor by elevator.

You will find the salon as you go up to the 7th floor.


Reservations required.

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